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  • Telework Exchange A public/private association that promotes telework, primarily among federal agencies. Their news page is constantly updated with articles from around the country.
  • Telework.gov The official website of the Federal Government's telework program.
  • Commuter Challenge, an initiative of enterpriseSeattle works to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads through the development of programs with public and private partners. The Telework page on their website offers advice, case studies, and a number of tools, including a cost/benefit analysis workbook.
  • The Clean Air Campaign A Georgia non-profit organization that works to promote clean air through a variety of programs. They offer telework assistance program for Georgia businesses who want to create a telework program.
  • TeleWork.com Telecommuting and Telework Resources.
  • The Telework Coalition A non-profit association that promotes telework. Telcoa's website is crowded with news, reports, information from vendors, and other telework material.
  • World at Work (worldatwork.org) is a Human Resources support organization that strongly supports telework; viewing it as one component of a total benefits package to motivate and retain high-value employees. World at Work has a telework advisory group that maintains a separate website http://www.workingfromanywhere.org that publishes studies and reports about telework.
  • The Canadian Telework Association A non-profit association that promotes telework in Canada. Their website contains links to a wide range of articles on all things related to telework.
  • The Euro-Telework Project Euro-Telework has been supported by the European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs, under the European Social Fund (art.6).

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