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Although it is possible for an individual to telework without technology, most teleworkers rely on computers, telephones, and Internet access. Additionally, some use tools for accessing data, sharing information, or collaborative work. Indeed, telework as we know it now, has largely been made possible by technology. All organizations considering telework, whether large enough to have an IT department or not, will need to make a number of decisions about equipment, software, security, and other technology issues.

The role of technology becomes more important as an organization's commitment to telework increases from a few employees that telework occasionally to having a strategically distributed workforce. The two excellent articles from CIO.com referenced on this page (right) discuss the role of IT when organizations make a serious commitment to telework. CIO.com is an excellent source of telework technology information.

Because the technology needs of each organization are unique to that organization, it is impossible for the toolkit to recommend one solution that fits all. And, because technology changes rapidly, the toolkit can never be completely current. For these reasons, the focus of this section of the toolkit is to provide an overview of the factors an organization may need to take into consideration when planning and implementing telework.

The discussion of telework technology is divided into five categories:

Data Access: A framework for making decisions about technology, particularly as it relates to security and accessing the organization's network.

Infrastructure: Considerations about infrastructure needs and meeting those needs as the telework program expands.

IT Security: A discussion of ways to protect your data through software, training, and secure storage.

Equipment & Tools: Descriptions of the equipment and some of the many tools available that facilitate communication and collaboration among workers (not just teleworkers).

IT Support: Some thoughts about the type and degree of IT support required by telework.

Because technology is so critical to successful teleworking, it is important for technology issues to be discussed throughout the planning process. The IT Director or Manager should be involved as technology decisions are made. Small employers may need to consult with a technology expert.

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