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There are many storage devices that contain electronic information. Information can be stored in structured format like a database or unstructured formats such as text, images and more. Regardless of the format, sensitive information requires consideration as to who can access it and the risk if it is lost, compromised, stolen or inadvertently released. The level of risk or legal mandate will determine the type of control to be implemented in order to safeguard the information. As with the storage medium, the types of security technologies change over time.

Storage devices may be either internal or external to equipment. There are also portable storage devices like diskettes and memory modules such as flash drives that can be transported from device to device. Portable equipment has a greater risk factor as the device becomes smaller. These devices can also be used for data backup.

Regardless of the form or media, there has always been the ability to protect them by means of physical security. For mobile and remote workers, this can be in the form of a locking brief case like those used for physical documents. Many additional digital security approaches are available for portable storage devices. In addition, approaches such as encryption and authentication can be used to safeguard information.

Many vendors provide storage solutions for mobile and remote workers. Security technologies specific to the device should be considered. Encryption and authentication solutions are the prominent methods used to secure information.

Mobile and remote workers should have disaster recovery solutions in place.

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