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In their annual performance evaluations, teleworkers and non-teleworkers should be evaluated using the same criteria; expectations should be the same for each. Ultimately, teleworkers, just like anyone else are judged by the work they do, not by where they do it.

Most managers, however, review the work of teleworkers more frequently, particularly during the first months. This allows managers to address problems before they become too serious.

In addition to reviewing the quality of work, these reviews are intended to evaluate the adjustment to telework. During the application and approval process, the manager may have had concerns about a particular teleworker; concerns about self-discipline, concerns about their ability to meet deadlines, or concerns that their home environment was conducive to work. A review like this is a way to check on any such concerns. Topics to review might include:

  • Productivity: Are assignments being completed and deadlines met?
  • Quality: Is there any change in the quality of work?
  • Communication: Have there been any problems reaching the employee? Does the employee returned messages in a timely manner?
  • Technology: Has the employee had problems with equipment or learning new software? Have they been able to troubleshoot themselves or have they sought help from IT?
  • Work Environment: Has the employee been able to create a work environment that is relatively free of distractions from family, friends, neighbors, TV, home chores, etc.?
  • Work Habits: Has the employee settled into a productive work routine?
  • Team interaction: Is the employee able to communicate effectively with coworkers? Is there any resentment of the employee by in-office colleagues?
  • Isolation: Are employees having any feelings of isolation when working at home?
  • Satisfaction: Ask the employee if they are satisfied with their decision to telework.

Consult with IT to learn how frequently teleworkers are requesting IT assistance. Identify if there are common problems that could be reduced with training, or if any particular employees are having more problems than typical.

Keep a record of problems and recommended solutions so you can see if improvement has occurred by the next review. Report problems you discover to the Telework Coordinator. Because the Coordinator receives reports from all managers, he or she may see patterns common to teleworkers that can be addressed in the policies or training.

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