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Encryption software uses an algorithm to encrypt and decrypt data, such as files on a computer hard drive, email messages, or packets of data sent over a computer network. Encryption can be applied at the hard disk level, file/folder level, and/or network communication level. E-commerce, VPNs and online backups are just some of the applications that rely on encryption to ensure the safety of data. Organizations with proprietary or sensitive information may require remote workers and field staff to encrypt their entire laptop in case it is lost or stolen. Encryption is particularly important for teleworkers in the government sector, regulated industries, or whenever confidential or sensitive data is involved.

Encryption helps fulfill regulatory requirements for data protection and information disclosure, while protecting intellectual property and brand reputation.

When thinking about encryption as it applies to telework, consider all aspects of electronic communication and data manipulation - from email, instant messaging, file transfer, and online meetings, to every aspect of data creation, change, storage, deletion and retrieval. Establish a policy for key storage and password access in case a teleworker loses a key and password.

Encryption is a sophisticated technology - especially key management - and requires special expertise to properly evaluate and implement. For public agencies and larger businesses, finding the right set of encryption solutions to protect all systems, data and communication channels in the network can be difficult. Encryption is also CPU intensive and can impact system performance.

Some general features to look for in any encryption software are:

  • Files or messages can be decrypted without having to install the program that was used to encrypt it
  • Strong encryption of at least 128-bit but preferably 256-bit AES
  • Algorithms have been thoroughly tested

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