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Desktop sharing is the ability to share ones' desktop with another (coworker or manager) to support collaboration. The host's desktop pops up in a window on the other person's computer screen. Application sharing is similar, but refers to sharing a single application on one's computer. Both types of sharing support collaboration that requires visual sharing ("Show me!") to discuss computer-based content. Sharing can be either one-to-one, or one-to-many; the latter requiring a hosting service.

These applications allow teammates the ability to work more easily on a document or project. Desktop sharing may be used by technicians to troubleshoot problems on a user's PC. Application sharing is sometimes used when an application user with less experience shares the application with an expert in order to solve a problem.

When using these applications the host should not jiggle the screen or the mouse unnecessarily, since it is distracting to the viewers. If the host is only sharing an application, then he/she should avoid opening other windows in front of that application, since it will block the window to the viewers.

Instant Messaging software can often be used to host desktop sharing or to initiate application sharing during a discussion.

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