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Is sensitive data involved? "Sensitive" data includes:

Personal data of clients, employees or patients, such as social security numbers, contact information, credit history, credit card information, tax information, medical history, or any data that could facilitate a data privacy breach on behalf of a company,hospital, government agency or association.

Sensitive company data such as financial, product, corporate, operational, marketing, sales, human resources, strategies, plans and information that could threaten your market standing if competitors were to gain access.

Classified government data generated by government agencies that could threaten everything from the economy to homeland security to the private information of government personnel.

Data subject to regulatory compliance under Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, The Data Protection Act or PCI where the loss of even a single PC requires regulatory notification, extensive reporting and administration, and incurs significant fines and negative publicity.

If teleworkers will be handling sensitive data, the organization should evaluate whether or not the appropriate controls are in place to protect this data. Controls can range from training teleworkers on the proper handling of sensitive data, such as the safe storage of sensitive papers or moving files via laptops, flash drives or disks, to putting the infrastructure in place, such as a Virtual Private Network and encryption, to control access to data.

Some organizations may choose to forego controls and require teleworkers to only handle non-sensitive data while working remotely.

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