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A 'blog' (from 'Web log') is a web site where the author enters regular commentaries or other material. It may include graphics or video, and is usually in reverse chronological order. Blogs may allow users to comment on the blog entry as a reply.

A blog is a Communication medium, offering the 'voice' of the author. This may be a project leader or executive. Blogs can be used as a marketing tool, demonstrating expertise and adding value to customers. A Blog can also be a project log, listing actions in reverse chronological order.

Blogs support a rich exchange of knowledge and can promote a culture of openness. Blogs can create stronger ties to customers and to employees, and they can be a way of getting feedback on ideas in posts, as readers react and comment.

Blogs do present certain challenges:

  • Blog entries should be published regularly, since readers will stop checking in if new content is not routinely available. Executive blogs should NOT be 'ghost-written', since they should have the voice of the author, a sense of who the executive is. Do not write in 'corporate-speak'.
  • Writing for a blog is often difficult; creating a message that is consistent, clear and concise.
  • Publishing a blog can become burdensome; the need for consistency and persistence should be considered before starting a blog.
  • Blogs must balance the authenticity of the author's voice with the need to ensure that inappropriate content does not jeopardize the organization (e.g., defamation, corporate secrets, potentially controversial political/personal opinions).

Blogs can be hosted on internal servers using blog software, or hosted on public sites. Blog administrators set up access security to define who can author posts and who can read. Authors and users only need browser access.

If considering using a blog, look for the ability to:

  • Control ordering of posts (reverse chronologic vs chronologic)
  • Secure access to authoring or other administrative features
  • Support workflow. For example, the author can post a draft, unseen to public, and allow draft to be published after review by others
  • Archive posts
  • Assign keywords to posts
  • Search blog using criteria such as date, keywords
  • Edit blog post after publication date, without alteration of the post's datestamp
  • Turn on/off 'reply' (comment) feature
  • Allow users to click a button to report a reply that has inappropriate content
  • Remove an individual reply
  • Subscribe to notifications of changes

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